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MX-DJ2121 CN1203

MX-DJ2121 CN1203


Rechargeable battery Speaker & Small mobile network Live Channel Show Audio System

Square top control panel

USB / TF card reader / FM / Bluetooth / AUX /display/ Remote

Cabinet Size: H1050 x W360 x D320mm

Driver unit: 2 x 12" woofer+ Tweeter *1

Output power: 80 W

Max output power: 20000 W PMPO

Use DSP (digital sound processor) amplifier

Built-in 12 V / 7A battery

1 Mic input socket

1 Guitar input socket

1 Capacitive Microphone input

1 Monitor output

1 AUX output

Two Live channel output connecting mobile

Microphone priority function

Magic Voice

Change by folder Function

with 1pcs VHF wireless microphone

with Professional karaoke mic. effect (mic. treble, mic. bass, 5 type mic. sound effects, and 5 type mic Tone effects) function adjustment.

With Bluetooth TWS "1+1" wireless connect function

With Karaoke accompany function that can delete singer voice, only play accompany music

Multi-audio format decoder which Can decode MP3, Wav, FLAC, and APE audio formats

10 types of DJ sound card effect for optional on top panel (crows, light kiss, embarrassed, smirk, pathetic, opening, ritual music, applause, cheer, fade)

5 types of DSP music sound effect (NORMAL, DANCE, VOICE, ROCK, OUTDOOR)

5 types of DSP microphone effect (HOST, SINGER, RAPPER, PROFESSION, NORMAL)

With 5 type of DSP microphone Tone effect adjust (BABY, FEMALE, ORIGINAL, MALE, OLD MAN)

Double USB design, Play music USB jack and mobile charge USB jack

Support two mobile internet LIVE CHANNELS, make mobile internet show

3 flame light effects, and ON/OFF key