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Maxeeder was originated in England in 1979 and the major field of Maxeeder activity was car audio products and digital technologies. The company is now developing professional audio systems and has always been trying to gain customer trust offering well priced products.

Company mission is to introduce innovative and modern latest technologies to market.

Innovation is the most important matter for company. So the most update products could be available for customers.

We do not just design or sell products, we produce the products following customer demands and it has become the key point of our continuous success in our business for past 50 years.

More importantly design and engineering of our products are being processed in England whereas the production and assembling happens in Asia under supervision of Maxeeder experts.

All the obligated standards in London are followed in Asia as well and are examined based on London test laboratories.

Maxeeder is registered in several countries all over five continents.

Ordering high quality products to support customers, provide reliable and deserving after sales service to gain customer satisfaction and to avoid ordering any low quality product under Maxeeder brand and providing after sales services and customer support all over the country.

Main duty of this unit is to gain customer satisfaction by:

  1. Deploying latest standard equipment, expert engineers and original parts
  2. Providing standard services in the shortest time and strict policy of quality control at the end of repairmen process.
  3. Improving human source skills by investigating workshop sessions, providing necessary software and related education, instruction service manuals and PCB diagrams for active representatives and holding technical meetings for representatives in order to discuss and improve customer support services.
  4. Keeping in touch with customers to assure quality of services that they receive in agencies (CRM) and investigating on the received complains.
  5. Focusing on research and development (R&D) in order to improve and promote products and also technical bugs and problems of produced products.
  6. Continues observation in order to upgrade and develop after sales service all over the country via representative.


As the owners found out that there is a great possibility of trading other electronic products under Maxeeder brand that was a grown and strong brand in time, they increased the variety of their products in deferent fields such as car audio, CCTV and security systems, DVR, computer accessories, cell phone accessories, digital home receivers (DVBT), home speakers, home cinema, radios, etc. Using deferent advertising methods like TV commercials, billboards, public transportation ads, deferent supermarkets and salesrooms.


Maxeeder could introduce itself perfectly and obtain the most important capital every business man wishes for, _loyal customers_ who were a great deal of support for Maxeeder breakthrough to its achievements.

Continues attendance in international audiovisual exhibitions is one of the main activities of Maxeeder.


Now Maxeeder has become the holder of Maxeeder and 7 more brands in order to make and maintain the market needs and prepare a competitive ground in market. It is worth mentioning this has been a great help to the company`s achievements. Maxeeder has also managed to enter and participate successfully in some other fields not related to audiovisual guilt using the market research and the recognition of potential customers of those fields.

And now, deployment of hard effort, the products variety have reached to more than 3000 deferent items imported or produced by Maxeeder.